We are a friendly club which welcomes male and female cyclists of all abilities. We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the summer months at 6.30pm in the old A30 lay-by. This is the one just beyond the road bridge to Weston and the Otter Inn.

For evening rides, we form up to four groups based on speed and distance.

Group 1 Rides – Averages 18-20mph – Tuesday nights

A ride for faster, fitter riders. The pace will generally average around 18-20mph for the complete ride, depending on the terrain covered during the ride. Early in the year we will usually cover around 25-30 miles, increasing to a 30-40 mile ride in the summer. Size of the group generally varies from around 6 to 10 riders. Routes will take in stiff inclines and sometimes steep hills, but the ‘super fit’ riders will always wait for those that drop off the back at the top of the climbs for a re-group.

Where safe we will also do a bit of ‘through and off’ trying to emulate the pros, although I’m sure we are nowhere near as efficient at it as they are!! We do get a chance for a bit of a chat on the rides, but I gotta say some of the time it will feel more like a chaingang rather than a social ride (Well that’s how it feels to me…..although for the really fit guys it’s probably a comfortable pace!). So if you want to get fitter or keep that hard won fitness gained over the winter up, come and join us on Tuesday night. Tony Ballinger (One of the Group1 ride leaders).

Group 2 Rides – Averages 15-18mph –  Tuesday nights

Averages 15 – 18mph.

Group 3 Rides – Averages 12-15mph – Tuesday nights

This is a basically a social ride for those who can ride a little bit faster and a little bit further than Group 4. We also throw in a few cheeky hills but don’t worry if you have to walk part of a hill, we’ll always wait for you, and you might not be the only one. We always ride with a back-marker so the slowest rider always has company. We always look out for each other, have plenty of stops and usually have a few jelly babies to keep us going.

Many members of Group 3 ride enjoy social rides on Sundays and often sign up for cycle Sportive events. So, if you like to ride at weekends and in different parts of the country there’s usually plenty going on.

Group 4 Rides – Averaging no more than 12mph – Tuesday nights

Easy pace group

What is it? A ride that will go at the pace of the slowest rider. Faster riders can go ahead but loop back at junctions so we stay together with no one left behind.

Where? We will start at the old A30 lay-by at 6.30pm on Tuesdays and cycle around the lanes, keeping away from busy roads as far as possible. If there is a demand, there will also be rides on Thursday evenings.

Who is it for? People who are new to group riding or who have not ridden a bike for a while, those returning from injury and those who’ve had a hard day and want an easy social ride.

What can I expect? A social group ride lasting about an hour. Rides will get longer as the evenings draw out and everyone gets fitter. No nasty hills!

Sunday Rides

Sunday morning rides tend to be more informal, starting at different points around Honiton and often stopping for coffee and cake somewhere! In addition, riders often organise weekly rides during the day, especially when it is too dark to ride in the evenings.

We always wait frequently along the routes to make sure that no one gets left behind. Different people lead rides, so there is a variety of locations. We range from the ‘active retired’ to those who regularly take part in sportives, triathlons and the Iron Man.

We have social events during the year, which have included BBQs, social rides with coffee stops, trips to France, and, for the first time in 2018, a joint Duathlon with Honiton Running club. Any suggestions are welcome. Members regularly post ideas, suggestions for impromptu rides and information on the Facebook page. Club members receive regular updates via email.

We are affiliated to British Cycling and CTT. We are happy for guests to join us for up to three rides to see if we provide what they are looking for and then ask that guests become paid-up members. New members can join the club here.

We are a bunch of enthusiasts who enjoy cycling and exploring the Devon countryside.

Riders under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Look out for us in our distinctive kit, which members can purchase at a subsidised price. Please see the website for more details.

What we offer

  • A properly constituted Community Amateur Sports Club that is a member of British Cycling
  • A regular programme of rides aimed at a wide range of abilities, led by experienced cyclists.
  • Occasional special weekend social rides from locations away from Honiton
  • A weekly email up-date of coming rides and events.
  • A club website and Facebook group
  • A Strava Club for members only (see below)
  • A group of riders to join up with for Sportive events.
  • A subsidised club jersey
  • Social activities

What we do not offer

  • 3rd party insurance or accident Insurance for riders taking part in club rides
  • Insurance for bikes damaged or stolen on club rides
  • Competitive cycling
  • Coaching or training from qualified coaches

What we expect of members

  • You must have lights and wear a helmet on club rides and have a bike that is roadworthy.
  • You agree to follow the instructions of the ride leader and comply with the highway code.
  • You are responsible for your own well-being during the ride and should be prepared for situations such as adverse weather conditions, mechanical problems and flat tyres.
  • You will help another rider who encounters a problem on a ride or, if you cannot help, find someone who can.
  • You will make your own arrangements to insure your bike, and to insure yourself against Third Party claims and/or personal accidents.
  • Ensure that the ride leader has your up-to-date ICE number.