Breakfast in Bampton Audax by Craig Boyde / Roderic Inglis

Well the Breakfast in Bampton audax is unforgettable if nothing else! Not only did it rain for most of the day we had floods to contend with too. That first one we got past by walking the slippery wooden boards, other we had to ride through but has make a couple of diversions for others. One near Dulford on the way back a Toyota Hylux was up to its wheel arches going through it! 100km turned into 80 miles but we made it back in time, stopped in Bampton for coffee and cake at the Bridge house cafe and I had fish n chips with a pint of Fursty Ferret at the Cranberry Farm at the finish. So cold and wet even the ducks took shelter and soaked through almost from the start but thoroughly enjoyed it ???