Tony’s Spinners Sunday Social ride to Starcross

On Sunday March 13th, 10 brave souls turned up for a 9.30am start at the Old A30 layby and in true style it rained on us right at the start. We were going to go to Dawlish but I cut the ride short due to some strong blustery winds and heavy downpours. On the way out we cut through West Hill and down Aylesbeare coming out at the airport. Then taking the back lane across to Clyst St Mary before turning up past the Exeter Chiefs . This brought us out by Countess Wear so a little Wiggle through the houses and we joined the main Rd using the cycle path over the Exe and canal. It was whilst crossing the bridge that Tony in the lead got a proper drenching by a car soaking him through to his skin.

We then followed the canal path past the Turf locks and onto the back of Powderham. There was then a debate on where we should stop for coffee, having none of it our leader rode on to the next stop which was a hut which sold coffee and cake at Starcross carpark complete with shelter from the sun. Yes that’s right. We stopped and the sun came out.

We then headed back along the canal path after observing the deer. Following the cycle path right up past Middlemore and turning right to follow the path to Blackhorse Lane. It was here that JB needed a rest so he got a puncture.

Being a gent he told the ladies to carry on leaving 4 guys to fix it. I went with the ladies to make sure they got back OK. My excuse and I am sticking with it.

A very windy blustery wet raining pouring soaked dry gusty sun shining ride. Tony rode with John Burgess, Roderic Inglis, Jennie Sleeman, Liz Polley, Lyn Pike, Nikki and Julian Gigg, Kevin Goss and Sue Jones.