The start of the new evening ride season is fast approaching!

Back in October 2021 we decided to trial using Spond. This is a system used by clubs and groups to organise their members, club activities and events.

After successfully using Spond through the winter, we are now adopting it as the go-to place for ALL official Spinners rides and events.

Reasons for using Spond:

  • Spond is a one-stop shop for all Spinners groups to which all members have access.
  • Insurance purposes. An event on Spond is a Honiton Spinners club ride (excluding Sportives and holiday events).
  • Ride leaders will know who is riding. Anyone turning up who has not indicated ATTEND should do so before setting off – via the App or via reply if they use email.
  • Spond records data of who attends a ride which can be downloaded from the Spond website as an Excel file.
  • Gives access to a rider’s mobile number if they become detached from group (providing the rider has agreed to share the mobile number).
  • Emergency contact details can be stored and accessed.

You can join Spond…

On your phone via the Spond App. Once you have installed Spond and created your account you will need to enter our Group Code BBODK.

There are currently 10 sub-groups: 

  • Group 1
  • Group 2
  • Group 3
  • Group 4
  • Group 5
  • Winter Weekday
  • Weekend Social Ride
  • Spinners Holidays & Weekends
  • Off Road Ride
  • Night Ride

Initially users will be addded to the groups that they rode with last year. Please contact Hannah via messages in Spond to request to be added to or removed from any additional groups.

If you have any issues with setting up or using Spond, please let Hannah know via messages in Spond.

The Spond Help page is also very useful: https://get.spond.help/l/en