Spinners Sunday social ride to Exmouth

Starting at 9am from the old A30 we headed along the Old A30 turning off at Fairmile, past King School , out through West Hill before dropping down through Aylesbeare coming out at the Airport roundabout. We then took the back road across to Clyst St Mary and the out past the Ball ball coming out at the Railway station roundabout in Topsham. From here we used the cycle path over to Exmouth.

We made it to Exmouth at 10.50am. , perfect timing for us to watch some of the Remembrance parade and observe the 2 minutes silence.

We then picked our way through Exmouth picking up the start of the route2 cycle network. This starts by going through the park were the golf is. From there we followed the route to Budleigh and much to Stephen Driscoll delight we stopped at a cafe in Budleigh on the route 2 way. As it turns out this was the 1st day for the new owners so they opened up just incase. They definitely didn’t expect 8 spinners to turn up ordering coffee, tea, double helpings of cake, bacon sandwiches and more.

Once we had had our fill it was on to Otterton and the gentle inclines of the rolling East Devon County side back to Tipton St John , Ottery St Mary and the Old A30 layby. Many thanks to John Burgess , Stephen Driscoll, Julian Gigg, Sue Jones, Mark Griffin, Michael Bowring , Liz Polley, for joining me today (Tony Peek).