Craig’s New Forest Audax

Sundays New Forest day out audax. There were two to choose from, a 200km route or a 100km route, I chose the 100km and did 130km in total with an extra 30km loop through Milford on sea before the start as I was up and out early as the audax didn’t start in Lymington until 10am. I was staying with a friend near New Milton and they were also going out to join a ride from Ringwood.

The nice easy day wasn’t so easy to start with as we had a headwind all the way to the cafe control at Breamore House which was the furthest point but we couldn’t have wished for better weather. A busy day in the forest as you’d expect on a sunny day, lots of cyclists about not just us on the audax. It’s a popular spot, everyone from your club elites in their tightly packed groups to families out for a ride and a picnic. I had a brilliant day and absolutely loved every minute of it.