Sunny Spinners’ Social Sunday

Eleven Spinners met at the usual lay-by, with knees exposed despite the cool breeze. Where should we go? We wanted nice views. Not to the sea – too busy. No potholes. Quiet lanes. Majorca? The chosen route followed quiet country lanes via Ashill to the Old Well garden centre and back via Mutterton and Talaton, and had lovely views (not of the sea). Soon, layers came off and some elbows were exposed. All seemed well. But not for long. Despite considerable concentration on dodging potholes, they were out to get us. Puncture number one occurred near Uffculme. Two stayed behind whilst nine set off to the coffee stop. Bang! Puncture number two happened just before the coffee stop. Seven set off for the coffee stop. Eventually, all eleven enjoyed coffee (or tea) and cake (or a pasty) in the sunshine. On the way home, puncture number three happened. And, nearing Escot, with the last few miles to ride… you guessed: puncture number four. It was certainly eventful, but at least the sun was shining! Thanks to Lin for the route, the puncture-support crew and also Sue for the photo.